ImageKeeper Pioneered Certified Media™ Technology !

  • Why do You Need Certified Media ?
  • Why is Certified Media Important ?
  • What is Certified Media ?
Why do You Need Certified Media ?

You’re At Risk Of Having Your Photos, Videos, & Audio Altered Or Manipulated.

  • Secure your Originals & Eliminate Risk of Media Manipulation.
  • Ensure your Content is Authentic and True.
  • Posting Deepfakes, Manipulated Photos, Videos Protected Under US First Amendment.
  • 1996 Communications Decency Act; Sect. 230 Grants Online Platforms Civil Liability Immunity.
  • Current Existing Laws Don’t Adequately Protect You.
Why is Certified Media Important ?

Manipulated & Controlled Media including fake news and deep fakes now dominate our screens.

  • In a world where Nothing Can Be Trusted – We Need Verification.
  • 3.5 Billion Smartphone Users take 1.4 Trillion Photos each year.
  • Deep Fakes, Altered Photos & Videos Are Increasing Exponentially.
  • Costs To US Economy Alone Estimated To Be $78 Billion.
  • Mitigates & Counters This Growing, Dangerous Threat.
What is Certified Media ?

Certified Media is the ideal technology to document evidence and preserve the truth for any important situation.

  • Photos, Videos, Audio Certified Instantly Upon Capture.
  • Used the Same Way as Standard Media
  • Preserves Ownership and Maintains "Chain of Custody"
  • Eliminates Manipulation Without Detection.
  • Instant Certification through Proprietary Technology.
  • Supports DOJ Federal Rule Of Evidence (FRE) 902 Self Authenticating Evidence.
Learn More About Certified Media™

Your Media is Instantly Certified When it's Captured !

ImageKeeper provides end-to-end solutions enabling businesses & individual users to instantly capture, certify content at the time of collection, securely store, and share content through the cloud.

ImageKeeper Products

Push Button Certification

Certification of every Photo, Video, and Audio occurrs instantly at the time of capture.

Automated Reports

Your certified media and collected data can be combined into a range of reports automatically.

Restoring Confidence

Our mobile/web/cloud ecosystems are allowing people to trust what they see and hear again.

Custom Solutions

ImageKeeper offers a range of services and can provide custom solutions to meet your requirements.

Protect Yourself with Authentic Media !

ImageKeeper is committed to restoring trust in digital media through our products and proprietary technologies.

Who Is ImageKeeper ?

ImageKeeper®, founded in 2013, is an innovative software company that integrates secure mobile and web platforms. Using it’s proprietary Certified Media™ technology, their products provide secure photo, video, and audio media. These solutions address the need for authentic, verifiable media that spans numerous markets, from business to consumer.

The founders have more than a century of experience with imaging, software and computer architecture technologies in Aerospace, Defense, and Consumer markets. Inventors of numerous proprietary technologies, they were the first to develop a personal computer architecture for consumer digital cameras. Pioneers in digital imaging, every digital camera today uses technology they’ve created.

As the inventors of Certified Media™ technology, the founders have built a diverse portfolio of supportive technologies and products that support the company’s vision.

ImageKeeper Proprietary Technology

  • Invented and fielded the earliest proprietary technologies in this field.
  • Encompasses the entire spectrum of Digital Media Types.
  • Can be Integrated into any Digital Media Capture Device or System.
Can be Applied to Any Digital Capture Device